2018 VR Fest Award Winner for Best Branded/Commercial VR Experience


Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company, teamed with Specular Theory to showcase a vision for the future of Virtual Reality commerce with “Behind the Style”—an interactive VR story of a fashion shoot which seamlessly blends 360 video, branching narrative and interactive gaze-based elements.


Specular Theory’s unique combination of creative and tech is opening a whole new category of immersive experiences and VR commerce. It connects brands to consumers in a more authentic way by allowing viewers to make choices that will affect the outcome of the actual shoot while discovering and shopping for products.

This entertaining new category of immersive experiences showcases how VR and commerce can be used today to integrate brands, deepen customer connections, and enable a relatable and seamless purchase experience.

Please note: this is a non-interactive version of the Behind The Style experience which has been formatted for viewing on Youtube 360.  The interactive version will be available soon on the Specular Theory app inside the Oculus store.

“The technology of our live-action video and branching choices solves a major problem with traditional VR video that brings new levels of immersion and interactivity.” – Morris May, CEO of Specular Theory

“With Behind the Style it was important for us to create an experience that could make users easily relate to the characters, relate to what was being shown, and naturally interact with the storyline and the products.” – Raffaella Camera, Head of Extended Reality Go to Market for Accenture