Hotel Transylvania Popstic

Specular Theory, Inc

Specular Theory, Inc., Sony Pictures Virtual Reality

Release date:
July 16, 2018

Available for commercial licensing only


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Game Description:

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality has partnered with Specular Theory’s Popstic™ VR game to create Hotel Transylvania Popstic, an exciting new VR music game designed exclusively for VR arcades that’s fun for the whole family.

Featuring the popular movie franchise, premium gameplay, and an optional custom peripheral attachment called the Popstic™, Hotel Transylvania Popstic is a new take on music rhythm games, built for all ages and skill levels. It’s easy to learn but challenging to master, making it super fun and addicting to play.

Players can choose their favorite characters from the world of Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania and connect with them in a VR world. Select Mavis, Drac or Johnny to become your DJ, then select songs from their playlist inspired by the character’s personality. Griffin (the Invisible Man) guides you throughout the game with helpful tips and fun commentary.

The goal of the game is use your agility and dancing skills to move in time with the music, hitting incoming targets and avoiding obstacles. Play the game in Wands mode using two Vive controllers, or in Popstic mode with one Vive controller. Popstic mode is optional, but we highly recommend it. To play in Popstic mode, you will need our special peripheral accessory, the Popstic, which can easily and quickly be popped on and off a single Vive controller. To play, you hold the Popstic with both hands like a staff.

Key Features

– Premium experience with a cool peripheral
– A whole new way to interact with your favorite movie characters
– Fast-learning, scoring-based music game
– First VR music and rhythm game with a movie IP attached
– Local and global leaderboards
– Powerups
– Custom peripheral attachment

Why it’s great for arcades

– A premium title and exclusive VR arcade release. It’s not available in the home market
– Featuring a popular movie franchise and family-friendly gameplay that will drive traffic to arcades
– Exciting to play and watch
– Great for new and experienced players
– Popstic is a clever accessory for arcades — and something consumers can’t get anywhere else


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