Xister Agency approached us to build a unique live-action VR experience for the Jeep® Brand partnership with the WSL to immerse attendees into the world of surfing. We chose to use a first-person viewpoint to allow the user to feel that they are surfing the waves themselves. Since the camera could not actually be placed in the surfer’s eyes, we created a custom camera system and post-production pipeline to simulate this viewpoint.


We produced and created a live-action virtual reality experience for select events as part of the Jeep® brand that is currently being showcased at the World Surf League’s 2015 Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour across Europe. Using the Samsung Gear VR headset, viewers get a first person point-of-view from the surfer’s perspective –  and immediately get to see and feel what it’s really like to paddle out, catch a wave, hang ten and even wipeout at an iconic surf location in Malibu, CA.