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Created by Specular Theory, Daish is an immersive training product like no other. 


What is DAISH?

“DAISH,” provides an end-to-end, user-friendly platform to manage all your immersive training needs

The Advantages of DAISH


  • Creates a unique performance-based syllabus best suited for that individual’s learning style

  • Provides a centralized hub and training community for users to learn, interact and engage on a user-friendly intuitive platform and social media style learning

  • Makes learning highly effective, engaging, and fun - offering better interactions between students and instructors

  • Using advanced artificial intelligence, Daish’s AI system adapts to each individual’s learning style and automatically identifies their strengths and weaknesses.  This helps users achieve maximum performance to reach their full potential

  • Dash is a fully adaptive learning system allowing students to push farther and learn at their own pace. This data is then used to generate unique performance-based syllabi and profiles based on each individual learning style

  • Daish is fully customizable.  Leverage its power in a wide variety of industries and applications.


Daishboard is your central platform
and learning hub


Daish VR

Daish VR is the player where all imersive content is consumed


Daish Sim

Daish Sim is our simulation engine to practice and learn 


Daish AI

Uses Dash AI artificial intelligence for key decision-making  and unlocking  your full human potential

DAISH Integration

While each Daish product can work independently, the beauty of Daish is how they integrate and work together. This product suite combines the power of learning through immersive content, practicing through simulated skills tests, all guided by the power of Artificial intelligence based analytics. 


Daishboard provides a central platform and learning hub that powers and manages all of your immersive training.  Create students logins and track progress using key insights  for  Instructors and Admins. Daishboard provides a visual and dynamic summary of training  progress with a social media style user interface that makes learning  fun and interactive. 


The Daish VR app is our player to host and consume all immersive courseware.   This app features our best-in-class user interface  that runs on almost all PC and mobile headsets. Daish VR allows users to upload and modify their own content and gives users the ability to fully distribute their content remotely to any location.   


Daish Flight Sim is our interactive VR simulator that allows students to practice what they just learned from the VR content, validating that they understand and have the skills to perform. Our simulator is built with traditional gaming tools and evolves at the speed of technology, capitalizing on extremely reliable, upgradable, and inexpensive consumer-grade hardware. This approach saves significant time, money and resources.


Daish AI provides advanced artificial intelligence instruction and analytics and uses this data to auto-generate performance-based syllabi for each individual student. Additionally, Daish AI will report back and rank a student’s performance and provide detailed recommendations for improvement,  pushing each student to his / her ultimate and full human potential. 


See how the U.S. Air Force is Leveraging DAISH to Accelerate Training


Pilot Training Next

The US Air Force looks to Specular Theory to develop immersive training solutions for the USAF Pilot Training Next 2.0 program to teach T-6 Formation Flying for undergraduate pilot training.


Air Refueling

By using emerging technology combined with the new standards for pilot training, the 97th OG at Altus AFB has partnered with Specular Theory to train the nation's next generation of C-17 Globemaster III and KC-135 Stratotanker aircrew.

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