Pilot Training Next

For the world’s greatest Force, training is essential. Through programs like Pilot Training Next and Learning Next, the Air Force is leveraging immersive technologies like VR/AR and AI to modernize their training at the speed of relevance to help train more Airmen faster and better. 

To do this, the Air Force looked to partner with an experienced immersive technology company to develop VR/AR courseware to teach undergrad pilots how to do formation flying. 

Formation Flying is something that generally takes students up to six months to learn. As a result of our VR Formation Flying courseware, students began flying formation to and from an area as early as their 3rd sortie. The Air Force PTN program found that learners who are exposed to this environment are able to accelerate (on average) well beyond what the syllabus would otherwise dictate and they are able to train much faster at a much lower cost point and with much higher levels of satisfaction for their experience.


Provide educational content for creating an efficient and scalable model for training
students in formation flight.


•  Allow students to learn and consume information differently and at their own pace
•  High-end UI/UX design to emphasize focus on skill development and retention
•  Focus on mixed media to provide the right tools for the particular student


•  Varied content types to provide flexibility to different student learning methods including 8K 360 Vide Animation, Mixed Reality Data, and Audio Narration
•  Easy perspective switching of lessons to evolve with student progression
•  Content-Flow Adaptivity to allow students to learn at their own pace
•  Express plane movement from a stationary learning platform with Orientation Modes
•  Student progress tracking to reinforce learning momentum


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