Key Advantages of Immersive Training



Learn by doing
not watching

  • Immersive is the most memorable type of learning and boosts retention
  • Accelerate knowledge transfer through experience in virtual reality environments
  • Limitless risk-free virtual reality environments to practice in
  • Provides an engaging user experience, which is highly motivating for learners to undertake

Learning Costs

  • Fewer trainers required, employees can practice independently

  • Reduce training times with an accelerated, cost-efficient learning-focused manner

  • Reduce mistakes & save time

  • Attention data from Immersive Learning provides insights about proficiency never before captured by traditional training methods.

Cutting Edge Learning Method

  • State of the art distance learning with real collaboration

  • Predicts and manages dangerous scenarios before they even begin

  • More engaging, with better retention than traditional forms of learning

Use Cases

The world is changing faster than ever

In response to the recent COVID-19 events, adapting training to the new global realities of social distancing while maintaining health and readiness is critical. New technologies like VR/AR and AI solve this by enabling people to train anytime, anywhere in a way that’s faster, better, and more cost-effective than ever before.

From training and education to healthcare and defense, nearly every single industry can benefit by using immersive technologies, including:

• Healthcare
• Law Enforcement
• Aerospace
• Manufacturing
• Soft Skills
• Customer Service
• Re-enactments
• Emergency Procedures
• Combat Training
• Medical Training 
• Recruiting / Onboarding
• Safety Training


Specular Theory’s Immersive Training Advantages


Train Smarter

Our immersive courseware includes VR/AR and
Artificial Intelligence-enabled instruction


Train Better

A powerful, integrated solution that connects the immersive content, VR simulator, platform and AI to each other, allowing for more advanced analytics, individualized learning, and streamlined training with a fulling complete solution


Real immersion

Using 8K highest dynamic range imagery to create the most realistic and immersive experience possible


Best of
All Worlds

Immersive content and technology that is Hollywood,
Military, and Consumer-Grade


Best Performance-Based
Analytics & Predictions

Uses advanced AI and tracking to provide detailed analytics and insights into training performance across multiple training points. This enables new ways to learn and succeed using data that wasn’t available until now.


Learning Styles

Allowing students to advance faster and learn
at their own pace


Making great VR is

Each area is extremely difficult unto itself, and you need deep
domain experience in each to be successful in the new medium of VR.


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