For Families and Babies


Protect your family with products you love. The first safety and vcommerce platform for families and babies, created by Specular Theory.

FAB (for Families And Babies) is the first safety tool and educational v-commerce platform using the power of VR, AR and AI to build trusted relationships between consumers, products and retailers.

For new parents, learning about baby proofing and finding the right products can be a daunting task. Everything from outlet covers to corner guards to toilet locks – it’s hard to know what you need and what you don’t need. FAB has the unique ability to identify child safety hazards and provide product recommendations based on a family’s specific needs such as child age, to be virtually tested before purchase, making it easier for parents to shop with safety top of mind. .

FAB is a very contextual use of VR/AR that uses the power of immersive technology to solve real problems for consumers and offer a better way to baby proof your home. By bringing education and commerce together, we are creating an easier and smarter way to shop for your family and home.


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