Specular Theory was founded in 2013 to break new ground in the realm of virtual reality content. Constantly at the forefront of this rapidly changing field, the studio’s developers customize immersive technologies to uniquely amplify the storytelling for each individual project. Collaborating with clients from Fortune 500 companies to major film studios to indie filmmakers, Specular Theory has built an unparalleled track record for crafting startlingly effective new narratives using VR technology.

The Donnies The Amys

Perspective Chapter 1 The Party

Xister VR Surf Experience

Perspective Chapter 2 The Misdemeanor

Perspective Chapter 2 The Misdemeanor

MatPat’s Game Lab in 360


From concept to delivery, we deliver powerful stories that are custom-built for virtual reality. We work with our clients to craft stories and deliver concepts that are highly engaging and take full advantage of VR and 360 degree environments.


Our proprietary content creation tools are customized for recording, uploading and sharing live-action virtual reality content for each individual project. We tailor the technology to the storytelling, not the other way around.


We are a full service virtual reality production studio specializing in cinematic live-action VR. Our services include VR content production, telepresence, editing, visual effects, mobile apps and game development.

"VR is the next major computing platform that will come after mobile."

− Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

"Virtual reality devices will become a bigger phenomenon than smartphones. I think there is a potential user base of billions."

− Tim Sweeney, Founder of Epic Games

"VR will be the most social media ever."

− Michael Abrash, Oculus Rift Chief Scientist

"VR is the next technology platform that will change the way millions of people communicate, collaborate and play."

− Michael Abrash

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