Specular Theory is an award-winning technology company based in Venice Beach, CA that creates and distributes industry-leading immersive VR/AR/MR technologies and applications for enterprise, training, games and entertainment.   


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2019 Best VR Game Award Winner, VR Fest
2018 Best XR Game Award Winner, Barcelona Games World  
2018 Best Branded VR Experience Award Winner, VR Fest 
2017 Walmart Innov8 Competition Winner
2017 Lumiere Award Nominee, Best Live-Action VR 
2016 Streamy Award Winner: Best VR/360 Experience
2016 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection
2016 Best Sports VR Experience Winner, VR Fest 
2016 Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection
2015 Best Live-Action Music Video, Virtual Reality Festival
2015 Best Branded/Commercial Nominee
2015 Ranked #1 Best 360 Music Video 
2015 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection

Accenture teamed up with Specular Theory to showcase a vision for the future of Virtual Reality commerce with “Behind the Style”—an interactive VR story of a fashion shoot which seamlessly blends 360 video, branching narrative and interactive gaze-based elements. 

FAB is the first safety and vcommerce platform for Families and Babies (created by Specular Theory) and winner of the Innov8 V-commerce Competition, presented by Walmart’s tech incubator Store No. 8. 


Specular Theory partners with Sony Pictures to create Hotel Transylvania Popstic VR game, now available at over 500+ VR arcades worldwide, Steam VR and Viveport. 


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