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Immersive Aerial Refueling Training Solution

Specular Theory wins a Direct to Phase II SBIR with the United States Air Force to create immersive training solutions for Mobility Airmen at the FTU


Hotel Transylvania Popstic  

Specular Theory partners with Sony Pictures to create Hotel Transylvania Popstic VR game, now available at over 500+ VR arcades worldwide, Steam VR and Viveport.


the Style

Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company, teamed with Specular Theory to showcase a vision for the future of Virtual Reality commerce with “Behind the Style”—an interactive VR story of a fashion shoot which seamlessly blends 360 video, branching narrative and interactive gaze-based elements.




Mat Pat's Game Lab


Hotel Transylvania Popstic


Perspective Series Part II


Get Barreled


Perspective Series Part I


Behind the Style


Perspective Series Part II


Hotel Transylvania Popstic


Get Barreled


Perspective Series Part II




FAB - For Families and Babies

VR Training for
Law Enforcement

Specular Theory is incredibly excited to partner with Tim Kennedy to make better training more accessible. Our goal is simple - to provide the BEST training possible for civilians, law enforcement, first responders and military. We are starting with law enforcement training because it’s timely and important. This effort will bring affordable and impactful VR training solutions to every law enforcement agency in the country using immersive courseware being developed by the best instructors on the planet.

We have assembled the best team possible to make this happen which includes leaders in the black community, PHD’s in behavioral learning, educators focused on unconscious bias and the brightest minds in the Special Forces community who focus on strategies in de-escalation.

If you want to be a part of this truly American effort - if you’re a city official, police officer, civilian, organization, corporation wanting to support -- send us an email at hello@speculartheory.com w/ subject line: VR Training for LE.


Joe Rogan Experience

Watch the Joe Rogan podcast with Tim Kennedy where Tim talks everything from Special Forces to 9/11, to combat insurgencies, freedom, and how we are working together to bring affordable and impactful virtual reality training solutions for law enforcement to every agency in the country.

We understand how a new technology and medium can seem overwhelming at first, and we are here to help. Specular Theory guides you through every step in the process from initial consultation, curriculum development, platform and device management, to analysis and optimization. We provide everything you need to succeed in an immersive medium. Contact for more info

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#flashbackfriday when we won the Walmart Vcommerce competition for our platform FAB (For Families and Babies). The first safety and vcommerce platform for families and babies. #speculartheory #immersivetraining #VR #AR #enterprise #commerce #safety #training ...

Attending #vAWS2021? So are we! Reach out thru the platform and say hello. #acceleratechange #airforce #speculartheory #immersivetraining ...

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” - Confucius #quotes

We learn by doing. Contact Specular Theory to see how immersive learning can elevate your training and unlock human performance.

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Specular Theory's Daishboard provides a visual and dynamic summary of student training progress using a social media style interface that makes immersive learning more fun and interactive. The Daishboard is a central platform and learning hub that powers and manages all your immersive training needs. #speculartheory #VR #AR #training #airforce #aerospace #aviation ...

Specular Theory's Daish AI provides advanced artificial intelligence instruction and analytics then uses this data to auto-generate performance-based syllabi for each individual student. Additionally, Daish AI will report back and rank a student’s performance and provide detailed recommendations for improvement, pushing each student to his or her ultimate and full human potential. Contact us today to see how Daish AI can boost your training. #speculartheory #vr #training #artificialintelligence #usaf #afwerx #defense #aerospace #aviation ...

Specular Theory's Daish VR app offers a best in class user interface that runs on almost any mobile or pc headset, allowing users to upload and modify their own immersive content and distribute it remotely to any location. Contact us to learn how Daish VR can accelerate training. #SpecularTheory #VR #training #oculus #htcvive ...

Specular Theory's Flight Sim is an interactive #VR #simulator that allows students to practice what they just learned from the VR content, validating that they understand and have the skills to perform. Our simulator is built with traditional gaming tools and evolves at the speed of technology, capitalizing on extremely reliable, upgradable, and inexpensive consumer-grade hardware. This approach saves significant time, money and resources. #airforce #aviation #airline #airline #pilot #aircrew #training #SpecularTheory #virtualreality ...

Immersive training is changing the way people work and perform. In response to #COVID19, adapting training to the new global realities of social distancing while maintaining health and readiness is critical. New technologies like #VR #AR and #AI enable people to train anytime, anywhere in a way that’s faster, better, and more cost-effective than ever before. From #training and #education to #manufacturing and #defense, nearly every single industry can benefit by using immersive technologies. Contact us today to see how Specular Theory is revolutionizing training for #USAirForce #LawEnforcement and #SpecialForces with immersive technology. #SpecularTheory ...

Happy #mobilitymonday and #2021! Looking forward to expanding our #AirForce #immersive #training tools and revolutionizing @usairforce training this year with all our current and new Mobility Wing partners. Cheers to 2021! #speculartheory #happynewyear ...

A legendary loss ... Chuck Yeager 97 yrs young. Thank you for your contributions to aviation, for breaking the sound barrier and for chasing dreams! 🙌🏻💥 #chuckyeager #usaf #testpilot #rockstar ...

#Repost @bulletproofveteran
This weeks episode is live on all platforms and at bulletproofveteran.com....

This week we are joined by Ryan Pulliam, the Co-Founder of @speculartheory .
Specular Theory is leading the charge in the advancement of virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.
Ryan discusses their partnership with the DOD, and the United States Air Force, and also the company's recent collaboration with @timkennedymma and the Special Forces community.
Specular Theory is providing unique technology to solve problems not only for the military, but also civilian organizations and law enforcement.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we discuss how science fiction is the new reality!

#veteran #veterans #virtualreality #artificialintelligence #training #augmentedreality #dod #potential #army #airforce #navy #marines #spaceforce #coastguard #specialforces #greenberet #lawenforcement #refueling #pilottraining #pilot

Transforming the way Airmen train. #tankertuesday #speculartheory #altusafb #VR ...

Happy #VeteransDay to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving, thank you for protecting our freedom and #thankyouforyourservice 🇺🇸 ...

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training” - Archilochus #speculartheory #VR #training #wednesdaywisdom ...

Enjoying our new Oculus Quest 2 headsets #speculartheory #oculus ...

Much deserved, huge congrats Lt Col Buckley!! 👏🏻👏🏻
#Repost @97thtrainingsquadron
It is with great Eagle Pride and a huge honor to recognize Eagle 02, his awesome Spouse Julia, and their son Noah, on the day Lt Col (select) Robert Buckley learned of his promotion. Talent, leadership, passion. This leader has so much more left in the tank! Let’s push it up! #EagleAF #AOF #LtColSelect #GrapeJuiceForNoah

Specular Theory was just awarded its third Phase III (sole source) contract to further expand our #C17 immersive procedural based training solutions for Mobility Aircrew. Thank you Altus AFB and McChord AFB for all your support. We can’t wait for this one! #speculartheory #usaf #altusafb #mcchordafb #tankertuesday #afwerx @afwerx @afsbirsttr ...

Happy birthday @usairforce ! #Repost @usairforce
The Air Force will celebrate its 73rd birthday on September 18th commemorating the service's most valuable asset, its Airmen!
On August 1, 1907, the US Army Signal Corps established a small Aeronautical Division to take "charge of all matters pertaining to military ballooning, air machines, and all kindred subjects." There were at the time few aeronautical "subjects" upon which to build. From the close of the Civil War until 1907, the Signal Corps had acquired only eight balloons, though two more were procured in 1907. But not until May 26, 1909, did Lts Frank P. Lahm and Benjamin D. Foulois make their first ascent and qualify as the airship's first Army pilots.
Four years after the Signal Corps took charge of air matters, Congress, for the first time, appropriated funds for Army aeronautics: $125,000 for fiscal year 1912. By the close of October 1912, the Signal Corps had acquired eleven aircraft but possessed only nine.
On May 20, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson issued an executive order transferring aviation from the Signal Corps to two agencies under the Secretary of War: the Bureau of Aircraft Production, headed by Mr. John D. Ryan, and the Division of Military Aeronautics, directed by Maj. Gen. William L. Kenly. On May 24 the War Department officially recognized these two Army agencies as comprising the Air Service of the @USArmy.
On March 1, 1935, the General Headquarters Air Force (GHQAF), which had existed in gestation since October 1, 1933, became operational and assumed command and control over Air Corps tactical units.
The National Security Act of 1947 became law on July 26, 1947. It created the Department of the Air Force, headed by a Secretary of the Air Force. Under the Department of the Air Force, the act established the United States Air Force, headed by the Chief of Staff, USAF. On September 18, 1947, W. Stuart Symington became Secretary of the Air Force, and on September 26, Gen. Carl A. Spaatz became the USAF's first Chief of Staff. #USAF73

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